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Solutions journalism stories highlight how communities are responding and what is working. Solutions Journalism Network's SoJo Exchange helps to keep small, struggling newsrooms afloat by providing a platform to publish and republish stories free as a public service. 

Education, Economic Impact, Mid West

Path to Middle Class Jobs.png

Patrick O'Donnel,

The 74 Million

October 31, 2022

Northeast, Health Care Workers, Rural

Nursing shortage.jpg

Nichole Dobo, Hechinger Report

October 28, 2022

Community Response, Environment, Mid West

Composting in Detroit.png

Jena Brooker,

The Crime Report

October 12, 2022

Education, South

Rural Teacher.png

Asher Lehrer-Small, The 74 Million

October 12, 2022

Health Care

Hospitals .png

Martha Bebinger,

WBUR + Kaiser Health News

October 11, 2022

Climate Change, Environment, International

Fast Fashion.png

Bridget Shirvell, Nexus Media News

October 07, 2022

Criminal Justice Reform

Pennsylvania Prison.png

Jordan Hyatt and Justice Studies, The Conversation

October 07, 2022

Mental/Behavioral Health, Mid West, Rural

Mental Health Crisis .png

Tony Leys and

Arielle Zionts,

Kaiser Health News

October 03, 2022

Education, Food/Agriculture Systems, Overview

Carrots for Carrots.png

Marsha Mercer, Stateline,

an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts

September 30, 2022

Climate Change, Food/Agriculture Systems, Mid Atlantic

Cities Planting Trees.png

Marigo Farr, Grist

September 13, 2022

Community Response, Economic Impact, Mid West

Credit Union.png

Oscar Perry Abello, Next City

August 30, 2022

Education, Mountain West

Attendance Detectives.png

Ann Schmike, Chalkbeat

August 22, 2022

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