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Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope is a transformative journalism news service applying community-driven, engagement, solutions, solidarity, and reparatory journalism approaches to serve the most marginalized communities in Rhode Island and beyond.  



We aim to provide communities who are out of the mainstream, access to media platforms as well as training in journalism and multimedia production so that they may develop their own local media platforms, gain control over their narratives and data, and obtain redress for historical harms caused by wrongful media representations.  


Our goal is to teach marginalized populations to produce news, features, investigations, and media art in order to improve their quality of life and bring them into the decision-making process involving their communities. This will be done through training, employment, and collaboration. 


We work with Roger Williams University students, high school students, local media organizations, non-profit organizations, and groups of people who need our work the most. Our main publics are those who can benefit the most from education, training, and consistent work. They include, but are not limited to: refugees, formerly and currently incarcerated people (adults and youth), ethnic communities, Black communities, Latin-American communities, immigrant and diaspora communities, Indigenous Nations and groups, disabled and chronically ill communities, trans people, other marginalized queer communities and persons, the houseless and other economically marginalized groups.

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