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How to Read Your Ballot in Central Falls

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Voting in Rhode Island Election Stories


Central Falls

Labor Rights in the Hispanic and Latino Communities

Data states that Central Falls has one of the largest latino populations in Rhode Island. Community Coordinator for Fuereza-Laboral, David Molina-Hernandez, said that labor exploitation and wage theft are the most prominent issues. Undocumented immigrants tend to be the most vulnerable to wage theft and exploitation because they don't feel they have a full scope of rights in the U.S. An example of this large issue would be working over 80 hours and being paid for 40.

At DHL, a union member named Rasche A. Brown is fighting for higher wages and healthcare to be provided for these workers. There are people who cannot afford surgeries they need with what they are being paid at the moment, including Brown themself, who needs open heart surgery but cannot afford it.

These problems have arisen because of corporate greed, which is why Governor Dan McKee is fighting for income equality. Brown notes that all they want is for people to step in and help out.

Central Falls Ballot Link:

Vote November 8th. Read more about these issues and vote accordingly to help these communities.

All Ballot Links are the same, for more details on specific zones visit:

Link to story on The Hawks Herald:

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