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How to Read Your Ballot in Providence

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Voting in Rhode Island Election Stories



Incarcerated Individuals

Brandon Robinson, Community Director of the Stop Torture RI Coalition at Open Doors, was once a prisoner himself and explained the situation firsthand. Robinson recounted his days in the bathroom-sized jail cell and recalled his back and spine being injured from sleeping on a hard cement bed.

Many of these prisons do not allow the incarcerated to step outside of their cells other than for about forty minutes a day, leaving them to spend about 23 hours in their cells on average. There is no cleaning allowed nor are any cleaning supplies provided for the inmates. Today, there is a 32 F rule that states while somebody is on probation for a misdemeanor the prison can then be used to hold them for ten to thirty days without being tried guilty first.

Within this time they can lose a job, house, children, and even relationships. Robinson and his team are currently working to change the culture of prisons and allow these prisoners an easier transition once released from jail, if they are granted bail. What people do not know is that these citizens are trying themselves and want to do better in the future.

The transition after prison can be dehumanizing and the way people are treated after is not okay. Luckily, Open Door is an organization that works to support these types of citizens. Open Doors wants past inmates to continue on with life and try to progress with their everyday routine.

Providence Ballot Link:

Vote November 8th. Read more about these issues and vote accordingly to help these communities.

All Ballot Links are the same, for more details on specific zones visit:

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