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How to Read Your Ballot in Newport

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Voting in Rhode Island Election Stories



Environmental Justice Zones

Newport, Rhode Island is one of the most popular tourist sites in New England, with extravagant old world mansions, gorgeous beaches, and a popular downtown shopping district. Despite this, the North of Newport has been deemed an Environmental Justice zone by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. This means that this area, and the people that live there, are disproportionately affected by both environmental and public health issues. According to Charlene Traynum, the Community Outreach Director of Newport's Boys and Girls Club, issues like littering, food insecurity, and homelessness are what voters should keep in mind when electing new officials this November. She also worries that Newport residents do not receive adequate civics education from their leaders, which is another reason the midterm election is so important to this community.

Newport Ballot Link:

Vote November 8th. Read more about these issues and vote accordingly to help these communities.

All Ballot Links are the same, for more details on specific zones visit:

Link to story on The Hawks Herald:

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