The CoH Team

 Our team is currently composed of students at Roger Williams University. We are working to hire community members and high school students to join our staff or work as freelancers. We are specifically interested in working with members of the communities we aim to serve, those who have little access to jobs with the mainstream media.


If you are interested, please contact us at

Our Current Team



Our Lead Graphic Designer and Creative Manager is Jordan Baylis, a Senior and Graphic Design major with a minor in Marketing. She’s worked with Communities of Hope since the fall of 2021, where she’s enjoyed two sides of the organization; production, like designing our logos and website, and working with new people and uplifting the voices of underrepresented communities. Outside of her work, she’s a dancer and a part of RWU’s dance club and dance team.



Annika is a Senior and is a Graphic Design and Spanish double major. She’s a member of the Creative team and has helped develop promotional materials and our website. She joined Communities of Hope to collaborate with other designers and use her passion to help people’s voices be heard. When she has free time, she enjoys walking around the local parks and sailing in the Mount Hope Bay. 



Sam Elwell is a Senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Sustainability Studies. He is one of the co-hosts of the EcoTalk Podcast, alongside being the host of his own radio show on WQRI and being an editor for The Hawk’s Herald. Sam joined the team to get experience in environmental reporting, not only because he hopes to become an environmental and sustainability reporter, but to get involved with the community and help others as well.

Shannon Bralley

Shannon is a Sophomore Communications major with a Music minor. She is the composer and producer of the music that goes along with the Eco-talk Podcast. She joined Communities of Hope to strengthen her skills in journalism so that she can become a newscaster in the future, which is her dream job. Her spare time is usually spent singing or playing piano. 



Emily Rosen is a Junior Journalism major and Political Science minor, alongside being a News and Production Manager for the Transforming RWU project and the Environmental Justice Podcast, EcoTalk. She fell in love with both writing and photography at a young age and wanted to pursue both when she came to Roger Williams, joined Communities of Hope, and in her future post-graduation. She was brought to the team by Dr. Motta after being a student in his introductory journalism course, and after she expressed her interest in working with and helping others and being an active part of the community. In her free time, Emily enjoys creative writing, photography, and hanging out with friends. 




Jack Aviles is a Junior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Graphic Design. Jack is one of the student journalists involved in the Environmental Justice Podcast, EcoTalk. He has a passion for helping communities that are being affected negatively by environmental issues. Furthermore, Jack thoroughly enjoys writing and even more so when there is an important story to tell. Jack also wants to make a career out of environmental or investigative Journalism in the near future. More of the reason why he decided to join Communities of Hope to gain experience on reporting and the environment. Additionally, he was brought into the program after taking two journalism classes with Professor Motta and taking a law class with him at the moment. Professor Motta made the opportunity available and Jack wanted to gain as much knowledge and experience with the program as possible. In his free time Jack enjoys board sports, hanging with friends and thinking of ways to help our environment.

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Will Nichols is a Junior studying Film and Journalism with a minor in Sustainability. He became interested in the topic of sustainability through hiking and exploring nature in rural New Hampshire. His career goal is to work as a photographer or camera operator for environmental documentary projects such as Blue Planet, Night on Earth, or Blackfish. For Communities of Hope, Will works as a reporter and Assistant Director for the EcoTalk Podcast. His most applicable skills for the team are video and audio collection as well as script writing and editing. Will hopes that his work in journalism will help other people to understand the importance of preservation and respecting the environment.




Ana Swansey is a Senior English Literature and Secondary Education double major with a minor in Psychology, who works with CoH as Part of the Production Team for the EcoTalk Podcast. Eventually, she hopes to become a High School English teacher and obtain a master's in Speech Pathology. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and learning other new skills, like crocheting. After getting accepted into Roger Williams, Ana was searching for new opportunities, so when she came across Communities of Hope she knew she wanted to get involved. After taking broadcasting classes in high school and being a stage manager for her high school’s theater company, she was excited to get back into production. Working with the environment and local communities was a big factor for her as well. 



Janae Roman-Stewart is a Senior Criminal Justice major and Political Science minor. Within Communities of Hope, she takes on multiple roles, including Researcher, Fact-Checker, and Assistant Audiovisual Producer. She is also a legal advocate for the New Vision Organization, and wants to become a Criminal Defense Attorney after she graduates. She found CoH by chance, but her desire to work with and for communities in need made her a natural fit within our organization. 




Luke is a Senior and a Journalism major with a Film core concentration. He is a news manager for the Truth and Reconciliation podcast, and joined Communities of Hope because he agreed that marginalized communities need to have their voices heard. Luke is from Easton, Massachusetts and in his free time enjoys reading and playing music.




Gianna is a Sophomore Public Relations major with a minor in Music. At Communities of Hope, she is a member of the Public Relations team and helps manage our social media accounts. She joined CoH because she truly believed in the mission and wanted to help make changes in the community and in the world. In the future, she hopes to continue with social media, running accounts for fashion companies. When she’s not working, she enjoys playing tennis, singing, and playing piano. 



Grace is a Sophomore Graphic Design major who works for Communities of Hope as an Assistant Graphic Designer with our Creative Team. She joined CoH because it was a space that allowed her to do what she loved alongside like-minded people who want to change the world just like her. She hopes to design websites for fashion companies once she graduates. When she’s not working, she enjoys walking on the bike path in downtown Bristol. 



Briana Verissimo is a Senior studying Accounting. While she isn’t sure what she wants to do in the future, finding something she’s passionate about is her biggest priority. She’s been channeling that passion into Communities of Hope since the fall of 2021, working as the Manager of the Creative, Management, and Public Relations team. The opportunity to promote equality and being able to help the people around her helped make her decision to join our team. Outside of her major and work, one of her favorite things to do is watch films. 

Jocelyn Jackson

Jocelyn Jackson is a Junior studying Journalism with a minor in Film. She is very passionate about social justice and plans on advocating for awareness through her reporting. This is what drew Jocelyn to Communities of Hope knowing that the team takes steps to support individuals who are impacted by societal issues; with a goal to make positive changes for local communities. In the future, after her college career is over, she plans on becoming a photojournalist to document stories surrounding problems that people chose to ignore.

COH Alumni



Emily Dvareckas was a Forensic Science major with a double minor in Criminal Justice and Political Science. She loves photography and writing, two things she’s pursued during her time with The Hawks' Herald, the school newspaper of RWU. She dedicated a lot of her time to reporting, editing, and designing for the publication, which led her to Communities of Hope, to which she was recruited by her twin sister, Rachel. Now, she works with CoH as an Audiovisual Reporter, Producer, and Editor on the Providence Truth and Reconciliation project. Alongside the Hawks’ Herald, Emily founded the True Crime Club and helped to establish the Forensic Science Club at RWU. When she graduates, she hopes to work in wildlife forensic science. 



Rachel majored in Journalism with a minor in Sociology. With her desire to make a difference she joined Communities of Hope as it was a good opportunity to create work that will inspire others. She works as lead editor and senior reporter for Providence and Truth Reconciliation Project.  In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading as well as birdwatching at the Audubon Society. 



Tori graduated with a Communications major and was a part of the Public Relations team at Communities of Hope. She joined CoH because she wanted to help local communities by bringing awareness to and learning about their issues and working to find solutions. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball.


Faithlyn Norman

Faithlyn was a Public Health major with a minor in Psychology. She heard about CoH online and thought it was such a great opportunity. She got in touch with Bernardo Motta and after explaining the CoH cohort to her, she was instantly intrigued. As a a researcher for CoH, Faithlyn works along with all groups, but primarily works with the Providence team. She wants to become a Public Health official someday and attend grad school to further her education in the field of Public Health. Faithlyn loves learning new things, meeting new people, increasing her horizons, and making connections. She also enjoys reading, writing, shopping, and going to the beach.


Kristen Osborne

Kristen graduated with a double major in Communications & Media Studies and Visual Arts. She was part of the Public Relations team at Communities of Hope. She joined the team to work with new people, make a difference in the lives of others, and help underrepresented groups get their voices heard by mainstream media. In her free time, Kristen enjoys the visual arts, painting, drawing, and photography. 



Grace Dolan majored in Public Relations and a minored in Marketing. She worked with Communities of Hope as a part of their Public Relations team. She joined CoH after taking a class of Dr. Motta’s about environmental justice reporting. The pull for Grace was the chance to help emphasize the voices of marginalized communities, with the added bonus of experience in her major. After graduation, she wants to move somewhere new and find a job she loves. 

Zachary Cullins

Zachary Cullins graduated with a major in Cybersecurity who worked as one of Communities of Hope’s web developers. He’s also worked for the government, doing private defense. In his free time, he enjoys reading and participating in creative projects, like one where he created characters for a friend's podcast. He joined CoH after searching for web development jobs, but stayed because of the opportunities to focus on his field of study and work towards his goals.