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What is Community-Driven Journalism?

Community-driven news is a form of public service journalism that works with and for the community and not just tells stories about the community.

We engage in conversations with community members, hold listening posts, and conduct community needs and information needs assessments to make sure we are providing a service that directly provides the community with the answers it needs. We don’t tell communities what is important for them, we ask and then go get the information they need and bring back to the community. We don’t publish into platforms that are not accessible to the communities, we ask how the community prefers to get the information (online, radio, TV, print, at meetings, through face-to-face conversations, podcasts, social media, etc.) and bring the information back in multiple formats that are used by the community. We don’t parachute in and leave with the information from the community, we bring the information to the community and work through the issues with the community. We also pay to train and support community members who want to become reporters, media producers, and researchers for their communities. We bring capital and resources into the community, instead of taking out of the community.
Learn more about community-driven and engagement journalism here:

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