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Hope Lab is a fellowship training program in which different cohorts, varying from schoolteachers to community members and media professionals, will receive specialized training customized for their needs and goals. Our first cohort will have high school teachers, advisors, and mentors who are currently running or want to create a news organization for high-school-aged journalists. This can be for a school-sponsored program or an independent, before/after school program, including programs for teenagers not attending high school or in complex situations (i.e. refugees, incarcerated youth, homeschooled transitioning, disabled, and non-documented teenagers, etc.). This cohort will focus on how to teach most of the same skills, techniques, knowledge, and practices as the Hope Squad, a fellowship for teen journalists, will be receiving and how to manage a community-oriented newsroom. In addition to the fellowship, we will also pay a small fee to the educators and to each newsroom participating in this fellowship on top of paying the students for their submissions.  


Future cohorts of Hope Lab may include local organizations looking to improve their professional training offerings, such as nonprofit organizations working with refugees, houseless, disabled people, retirees, K-college programs, incarcerated people, diaspora communities, and media professionals looking to improve their skills and quality of life.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


If you would like to support this initiative, please make your donation here or contact us. Thank you!

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