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Communities of Hope
Civic Media 

Engagement, Information, and Education for all  

Telling the stories that truly matter and lifting those communities that are consistently overlooked.

How are communities responding and what is working?


Our journalists expanded on the work done by high school students as part of the Society of Professional Journalists' Northeast Summer Institute. Tune in to find out what PFAs are, why they're harmful, and what policymakers are doing to prevent contamination.


The Hope Project

Our team joined News II students at Roger Williams University to initiate an investigation into how specific communities are treated poorly, discriminated against, and neglected. The story, a compilation of research and hopes of finding help, delves into the issues amongst the Latino, LGBTQ+, formerly incarcerated, and other communities. Read about their treatment and the dire need for change in our article published in the Hawks' Herald.


Our Team

Students at Roger Williams University across various disciplines including Journalism, Communications, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Marketing, and more.


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