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Communities of Hope is kicking off a year-long project to investigate the quality of life of staff at Roger Williams University. Stay tuned to see if RWU measures up to other local universities and keeps up with faculty’s needs and expectations.

We now have a donations page! If you’re interested in our work, want to support us, or just have some extra cash you want to spend, please consider donating to us! We’re working to change the future of journalism for the better, and anything helps!

For the 2022-2023 academic school year, Communities of Hope is offering their first training program for students K-12. These up-and-coming reporters will be mentored by professional journalists to plan and produce community driven stories. 

Leaders of their communities can now come together for education regarding the techniques used to teach student journalists about community driven reporting. Each group of educators will receive specialized training tailored to their vision.

This fall, the Communities of Hope podcast “Hope Pod” will be collaborating with the Roger Williams University Society of Professional Journalists chapter and the RWU student newspaper “The Hawks’ Herald” to cover local elections. The podcast will be part of the Center for Cooperative Media’s Democracy Day initiative and will focus on the needs of the community rather that what the candidates want in the campaigns.

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